A good survey design can lighten up new opportunities by bridging the gap between the company and customers. It appears simple, but the questions you choose, and how a question is phrased can have a significant impact on the responses you receive. A poorly designed questionnaire can lead to inconclusive analysis.

GrowthLyne helps organizations design a clear, logical, aptly ordered set of questions that provide accurate insights into the group being surveyed. We ensure that the following key controls are met in each questionnaire.

GrowthLyne experts can create and launch surveys on multiple software tools like question pro, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, etc. based on the client's needs and budget. Our designers use appropriate layout with simple but appropriate graphics to engage the audience.

The questionnaires designed by us often include diverse question types, logical flows like simple branching, compound branching, scoring, net dynamic quota control etc. GrowthLyne has also worked with clients on designing questionnaires that implement advanced logic like conjoint, max-diff, factor analysis, etc. These complex features have helped our clients conduct robust quantitative analysis over the survey data.

Our stringent quality control process ensures that all the logical flows in a questionnaire are tested comprehensively using automated scripts. Following this, the survey is manually tested by multiple test participants to ensure that there are no technical challenges or ambiguity.

Clients across industries have leveraged our survey design expertise on a wide range of objectives.

As a full-service market research company, we provide integrated data collection solutions to our clients by identifying the right same size, arranging the appropriate panel of respondents, managing communications and incentives to the respondents.