Big data, increasing population, varied functional departments in any company, manual errors, and mishandling of the information which were once seen as challenges for companies, have now turned into opportunities to leverage upon through the help of software and platforms. From spanning personal computer operating systems and office productivity suites to network security applications to human resource information system and customer relationship management software, the ease and speed of performing, managing, coordinating, allocating, communicating, organizing people, process and resources most efficiently and effectively, the software industry has been a game-changer. Many companies now operate through a platform business model, that facilitates interaction and connectivity between different individuals and groups, consumers and producers to create, access, share, or transact resources, information, products and services. These companies leverage upon platform business model to grow and cater to a large section of consumers worldwide. The software and platform industry acts as a catalyst for other industries in all functional areas. Leveraging on digital platforms is a big leap forward.