As the education landscape becomes more competitive, educational institutions are looking for growth and expansion opportunities beyond their original scope and region of origin. From K12 to executive education or from heavy hardcover books to E-Learning, educational institutions continue to expand their reach and presence. The education and training sector is constantly improving to pace with the needs of policymakers, learners, industry, and society. This has led to a dynamic global education industry that demands to be in sync with market forces to be successful. We deliver valuable insights and direction to those who operate in education markets to meet current and future challenges. We identify the market potential for higher education courses across different regions, determine graduate employment rates, company demands for hiring graduates from different domains, and estimate future demand for educational programs. We help schools and colleges map territories to identify expansion opportunities such as information on existing competitors in the area, alternative cities, and territories for investments, complementary services, and offers for existing academic portfolios. We study population trends shaping new demands for education products and services and how much consumers make and are willing to spend on education.

We provide solutions in the areas of: